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This is analogous to the demands of writing for external review committees, such as those of SSHRC and OGS, which are composed of scholars from different disciplines. Describe the current state of the literature on the topic and the main points or issues it raises.

Personal Information Remove all personal information from your thesis file in order to to protect your privacy and the privacy of others: The Graduate Program strongly encourages PhD students to form supervisory committees, where possible. Be sure to get out and see friends and colleagues at regular intervals.

The proposal should define and justify the topic and indicate the critical method of the proposed research paper or thesis. Leave the page number off the title page but count it as a page.

Number each of the following pages with consecutive Roman numerals iii, iv, etc. PhD Defences at the Faculty of Medicine Exceptionally, the majority of PhD defences at the Faculty of Medicine feature a minute oral presentation by the student, followed by questioning.

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However, a thoughtful and critical synthesis of the conclusions of specialists on a particular problem related to the subject of specialization may be accepted.

If this happens, it should not be seen as a failure, but as an opportunity to strengthen the proposal with the help of constructive criticism from the graduate committee and, for PhD proposals, the expert readers.

The exact frequency depends on what works best for you and your supervisor, and where you are in the process. Once the thesis is deemed ready to submit, the thesis supervisor must complete the Statement of Thesis Supervisor for Submission of Thesis form Following submission of the thesis to the Graduate Program Office, the thesis examiners have 4 weeks to review it.

Applications submitted after the deadline, when applicable, will be delayed and reviewed the following month. Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace Tech Support You may want to try out some of these tools for writing, research, and time management: In consultation with the supervisor s or supervisory committee, the student develops the proposal.

Research Paper or Thesis Proposal Upon arriving at the Department of English, the new student has an informal discussion with the Director of Graduate Studies about a proposed research paper or thesis area and a possible topic.

There is a bit of a learning curve, so it is worth spending time on the tutorial to get a feel for how the features work. What critical approach will the research paper or thesis take? For a thesis, how will the material be organized into manageable chapters? Article-format thesis Students who wish to write a thesis in an article format must first notify the thesis supervisor, co-supervisor and thesis committee members, and obtain their approval.Search mi-centre.com Search options: Entire site Library Employee directory All graduate students must submit the final version of their thesis online using uO Research within a month of their defence.

Electronic submission of the final version

Follow the steps below in order to submit: For more information about graduate studies at the University of Ottawa, please refer to your. Uottawa Online Thesis Submission.

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Guidelines for the Submission of a Thesis or Major Research Paper Proposal in Women’s Studies Theses/major research papers in the collaborative program in Women’s Studies (WS) are not merely theses including women as “subjects.”.

Search mi-centre.com Search options: Entire site Library Employee directory Close. A-Z Index. Writing Your Thesis. Prior to submission of the thesis, the supervisor must submit a list of examiners to the Graduate Program using the Nomination of Examiners form.

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All potential examiners listed must have agreed to examine the thesis and are. Submission Process Completion of the Request Form Initial review applications (except Course Outline applications) must be completed directly in the eReviews online portal.

uOttawa Theses This community was created to ensure that the University's electronic theses are widely accessible in a safe, secure, long-term environment.

Graduate students must submit their thesis .

Uottawa online thesis submission
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