Translator 2g3s rev 2 08 1

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MAF translator 2G3S

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Translator 2G3S Rev 08

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Looks like you have no loopback for it to work anyway. Any comments much appreciated. In most cases, questions about Intel hardware are better asked in comp. Increasing or decreasing the airflow signal sent to the ECU will cause the ECU to deliver more or less fuel to the engine.

Plug the Translator into the vehicle wiring harness. This sounds like a parity there are several user adjustments which permit tuning of the airflow signal to the ECU (Engine Control Unit).MAF Translator 2G3S Software Rev 2.X8 Kit Contents 1-MAF Translator 1-Male spade terminal 1-TAP connector 1-instruction manual Introduction: The MAF Translator is a conversion interface to allow the use of late model GM Mass Airflow (MAF) sensors on Second Generation.

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MAF Translator 2G3S. Software Rev Kit Contents. 1-MAF Translator. 1-Male spade terminal. 1-TAP connector. 1-instruction manual. Introduction: Translator DSM. Translator 2G3S Rev - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Aug 28,  · MAFT instructions, version OLD VERSION Vechicle Specific MAF-Translator.

Translator 2g3s rev 2 08 1
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