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In this way, no adult can be coaxed to help any underage smokers as they face a risk of being caught. In order to ensure that the customer is not using a fake identification card, the customer should present a health card or a driving license as these cannot be faked easily.

Restaurants and businesses should be allowed to set their own smoking rules, based on demands of the customers. Banning smoking in these common areas can also hurt businesses.

Official statistics show that 80 per cent of the one billion smokers across the globe reside in middle-to-low income countries. Although there are arguments on both sides, I strongly agree that a ban is the most appropriate course of action. Meanwhile, in Australia the figure was at more than 22 per cent in Shisha cafes are now also required to be at least metres from the nearest residential area.

In any case, pubs and restaurants could adapt to a ban by, for example, allowing smoking areas. One of them is could be fast like lung cancer and the other type could be slow that will show up after twenty years or more. Most teenagers turn to smoking because of unchecked access to cigarettes.

But we have come a long way since those dark days in the first half of the 20th century. Respiratory system is weakened due to damaged basic units which are alveoli. Back inthe heavily publicised Anti-Tobacco Federal Law came into effect.

Smoking is the term that is generally defined in context of inhaling tobacco when it is burnt. Adults, who wish to smoke should do so at home and in this way, not expose children to smoking.

This disease involves various other organs of the body like kidney, liver and eyes. You can order a custom essay on Dubai now! This is usually done to discourage people from smoking.

Non smokers can inhale the smoke and get second hand smoke which is a health risk. This would create a problem for all adult smokers. These diseases are related to heart and the supplying blood vessels. This leads to hampered supply of blood to the heart and results in various severe complications like a heart failure.

In a serious condition clots may be formed in the blood which may block the flow in the vessels supplying heart and brain. Howeverthe pleasure that comes out from smoking one cigarette into another will bite her or him on the back in the near future and they have to be responsible for their own actions.

Firstly, adults assisting in committing the felony can be charged with fines as well. Another examplethey have to avoid certain places. Smoking amongst the youth in Dubai needs to be controlled. On the other hand non-smokers feel smokers violate their rights and endanger there life.

To conclude, in this essay on Dubai, I have given arguments for my position, looked at my opposition and refuted their counter-arguments. Similarly, a person affected by hypertension is in turn prone to develop cataracts and other visual problems like macular degeneration.

Reply Fri 31 Oct, Smoking regularly decreases the life span of an individual by years. Every packet of cigars or cigarettes has a warning inscribed in it: On the contrary, an up rise in consumption of number of cigarettes has been noticed.

If they would prefer not to smoke passively, then they do not need to visit places where smoking is permitted. For examplewhen a person works in long shift hourssmoking a cigarette could be the only way out through out the day. The public does not realize the significant hazards of passive smoking.

Easy availability initiates smoking in teenagers.

Should Smoking be Banned? *argumentative essay , feedback*

Many people today are dying because of lung cancer caused by smoking and or second hand smoke.Unlike the Western world, smoking levels are actually on the increase in the Middle East – but with progressive governmental policies in the UAE, that might be about to change Smoking was once considered to be a glamourous pursuit (see Don Draper in Mad Men).

This essay is well organized and presented. The introduction is clear - note how it follows the ban smoking in public places essay question - it paraphrases the information in order to introduce the topic and the argument.

The argument against a ban on smoking in public places is presented first. Words Essay on Cigarette Smoking. Article shared by.

Should smoking be banned in all restaurants? Essay Sample

For a long time now many people have different views about smoking in public places. Smokers feel it is their right to smoke where and when they want. On the other hand non-smokers feel smokers violate their rights and endanger there life.

Smoking causes heart disease, lung. Smoking ban ‘needs to go much further’, UAE health experts say Despite local authorities clamping down on public shisha smoking, cigarettes continue to be smoked freely in most Dubai hotel. Should smoking be banned in all restaurants?

Essay Sample. I agree that smoking should be banned in all restaurants. People should not smoke in restaurants because it is inappropriate to smoking while someone is trying to eat a meal. Smoking could soon be banned in all public places across the UAE by the end of That would mean an end to designated areas in restaurants, bars, shopping malls and workplaces, if a proposal from the National Tobacco Control .

Smoking in uae essay
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