Smoking in public places essay introduction

Alsothere are different types of diseases that could be resulted from smoking. Smoking causes a lot of harmful things in you and outside of your body.

Smoking in Public Places

The writer should not present just the legislation, or desired future legislation. Some countries allow smokers and nonsmokers to mix without any problem, regardless of whether one is smoking in congested areas or not. This is a controversial issue, one that has immediate implications for public policy regarding smoking.

It is emotive, and controversial. Write at least words. Opponents of such a ban argue against it for several reasons. Social pressures of this sort are significant features of many actual situations and should be given moral weight.

Should Smoking be Banned? *argumentative essay , feedback*

Voices for and against this position must be clearly presented. Consider a nonsmoker in his own home. The right to smoke persists only so long as the act of smoking does not conflict with the more basic right of nonsmokers to be free from harm. Brodish Nonsmokers often question the rationality of smoking at public places in light of these enormous health risks: One of them is could be fast like lung cancer and the other type could be slow that will show up after twenty years or more.

This paper demonstrates that smokers generally do not have the right to smoke in public places, in a wide variety of cases, because it is inconsistent with their duty to respect the right of others to be free from harm. Model Answer Medical studies have shown that smoking not only leads to health problems for the smoker, but also for people close by.

Smoking has a huge effect in people and this is a matter that needs to be handled seriously. The air in the room is filled with smoke, and it is clear that the cause of this is the activity of the smokers. Firstly, Smoking should be bannedbecause it harms the environment.

The writer needs to read extensively relevant materials that explain what the law of the land is regarding smoking.


More than 40 chemicals cause heart disease lung disease, and cancer in people. Although there are arguments on both sides, I strongly agree that a ban is the most appropriate course of action. The second involves the short-term physiological irritation of the eyes, nose, mouth, throat, and lungs caused by the inhalation of smoke; let us call this the level of irritation.

Howeverthe pleasure that comes out from smoking one cigarette into another will bite her or him on the back in the near future and they have to be responsible for their own actions.

The first involves the distasteful odor of cigarette smoke, in the air and in the clothes and hair of even nonsmokers, who are in the same room as a smoker, let us call this the level of annoyance.In order to prepare an argumentative essay on smoking in public places, the writer must consider several factors: One of these factors is the laws and regulations that govern any country.

The writer needs to read extensively relevant materials that explain what the law of the land is regarding smoking. Mar 20,  · Should Smoking be Banned?

*argumentative essay, feedback* Forums: Essay, Another example, they have to avoid certain places. Such as, public places like markets and streets. So, Smokers will force people to be indoors instead of outdoors. Yes, everyone knows the negative effects of smoking already as what your essay is all about.

Keywords: smoking ban essay, public smoking essay. The numbers of people who smoke have increase over the years. Although they are equipped with the knowledge of how unhealthy smoking can be, people still choose to smoke. Therefore smoking should be banned in all public places.

People who smoke in public portray a bad example. Children are. Smoking in Public Places Should Be Banned Essay - Smoking in Public Places Should Be Banned I feel very strongly that smoking in public places should be banned. I will list my reasons for my thinking below and explain why I think this.

I cannot stand walking down a street behind someone who is smoking. Every time they exhale I then have to walk. Essay on Nationwide Smoking Ban: Smoking Should be Banned in All Public Places - The effects of second-hand smoke have been well-known for decades; in fact, the Surgeon General warned the public about its dangers in (Schick & Glantz, ).

Ban Smoking In Public Places Essay Banning smoking in public places Before people start smoking they have a choice, but once you are a smoker that choice goes and you then become an addict. Smoking is the inhalation and exhalation of the fumes of burning tobacco.

Smoking in public places essay introduction
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