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DuringAustralia was only recently federated so many felt a sense of national pride was necessary. To conclude, Australians joined due to a variety of reasons.

Moreover, emotive posters served as a vital role in increasing troop numbers. Australians wanted to establish a national identity. The Australian Experience p. Editorial "Big Coastal Attendance: Peter Davidson was described as the "live bait", a "human Simpson prize essays bag" and "a hero" Mundle,pp.

I believe the ANZAC spirit continues to be demonstrated by people who accept what it is they can change, and have the courage and determination to do something about it. Useful for gaining information on WWI and ideas for further research. Rejected men stumbled in tears from the tables, unable to answer sons or mates left to the fortunes of war.

He in fact later died and was revived three times. While this was a factor, this is only one of the many reasons why Australians enlisted. Watson and his men worked incessantly during the daylight hours of three weeks, in clear sight of the enemy.

Australians also had deep hatred for the enemy. Proving masculinity was a large Simpson prize essays in increasing enlistments.

The Gallipoli campaign which commenced on 25 April and ended eight months later saw the loss of 8, Australian lives. Figures from Carlyon, Gallipoli p.

I am not surprised for men were just simple going mad out there to go to the war. This, however, was not the only reason for volunteers enlisting in the thousands in However, this was not the sole cause of enlistment: Yet the tide inevitably turned and once again the legend of ANZAC was to be commemorated by popular opinion.

An innovation to this unique ceremony, whereby all young soldiers pay respects to the last war veterans in our midst, adds a new and beautiful significance to ANZAC Day observance".

Similarly, when called to the aid of Stand Aside during the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race ofthe Helimed chopper team decided to attempt a rescue at great risk to their own lives. Provides general information on WWII such as timelines and statistical data.

He saved the lives of eight people. In this sense WWI changed the opinions of Australians to commemorate war rather than celebrate it. During the beginning of the First World War, news of German atrocities and wartime propaganda convinced many to hate enemy nations such as Germany.

State Library of Victoria, Discusses the initial effect WWI had on Australia. This was paid regularly, on time, and in the absence of wealth from other careers, the prospect of a stable income from the army seemed miraculous Many Australians enlisted for adventure and travel.

However, despite this misinterpretation and apparent scornfulness others remained loyal to the ANZAC tradition. They formed an Association, and wore a large badge to cover their civilian shame.

Countless doctors, surgeons and nurses both civilian and military displayed outstanding stamina and determination in an effort to save the critically injured.

Simpson Prize website - http: These ANZACs, through their willingness to expose themselves to danger in order to protect others, were certainly ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

At Gallipoli Simpson found a donkey, and used it to transport wounded soldiers from the trenches. He cheated death while saving hundreds of men, but paid the ultimate price when he was shot and killed after 24 days.

Provides intricately detailed accounts of those who fought in Gallipoli as well as providing an insight into the politics war. When the war arrived, however, many men saw this as an opportunity to reach faraway lands and experience adventure.

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Simpson Prize Nikita Harrison St John’s College, Darwin Simpson had a counterpart from New Zealand – Lieutenant James Henderson.

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Henderson, from a small farm in the town of Kihikihi, New Zealand, also attained a donkey, and was extraordinarily fearless like Simpson.

by Daniel Ngyuen, Blackfriars Priory School In the Mother Country, Great Britain, requested assistance from Australia by sending troops to faraway locations such as Egypt and Europe.

It is [ ]. One option is to do the Simpson Prize question and compete for a free trip to Gallipoli in Question The landing at Gallipoli on 25 April is often given prominence in accounts of the Gallipoli campaign.

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