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Any sport where speed and size is needed steroids can be a great advantage to these athletes. Both anabolic and androgenic have origins from Greek: The pressure to win placed on these athletes by parents, coaches, and friends may also influence their decision to use steroids Terney, He was labeled a druggie and a fake by everyone in town.

He was immediately kicked off the team and stripped of the Persuasive essay about steroids to play football in college. This type of Persuasive essay about steroids increases muscle strength by encouraging new muscle growth.

History and background of steroids and steroid use -Rx drug, education, you need to know what you are doing or advised by someone who does Persuasive essay about steroids are all synthetic derivatives of the male hormone testosterone -there are negative side effects along with the positive -acne, male pattern baldness, breast tenderness, high blood pressure, cholesterol impact b.

Let me first begin by saying steroids can create an unleveled playing field, also we are assuming that we are talking healthy adult males practicing responsible use, this does not apply to women and children.

Study the use of the comma- there are a number of grammar websites. One type is Anabolic Steroids. The events, the players Over the years the drugs have spread from the weight lifter to bodybuilders to elite athletes to high school students. Steroids are associated with many health risks and can be potentially dangerous, however when used in the safest possible environment by the right individuals, I believe that steroids are not totally harmful.

Athletes may also experience injuries to their joints and tendons due to lack of strength in these areas and the rapid increase in strength by the muscle Narducci, When you think of sports, what comes to mind? Those who participate in sports in order to get a scholarship or get into professional sports may be more willing to compromise themselves and try these illegal drugs.

With so much in the news about different athletes, both young and old, using illegal anabolic steroids to help their performance it is hard to say who has true talent and who is just plain cheating. Are the risks worth all that? Anabolic and androgenic steroids are the synthetic derivatives of the naturally occurring male anabolic hormone testosterone.

Some of the side effects of this drug include overgrowth of hands, feet, and face, enlarged internal organs, and heart problems. Anabolic steroids may also affect normal liver function, causing jaundice to occur. Exaggerated media claims a. When confronted with this information only then did he admit that he had been using steroids on a regular basis for 3 years.

Among the physical adverse effects to occur, acne is the most prevalent, especially among young users.

According to Terney steroid use by adolescent has been shown to halt growth prematurely. This trend is not only danger to their bodies, but is also dangerous those around them.

Scott reported that 6. The young athlete in turn ends up being much shorter than they were actually supposed to be. Being involved in athletics for most of my life I have been in close proximity with many people using steroids and though I have seen some of the negative side effects, I have not witnessed anything life-threatening.

Essay on Steroids Essay on Steroids Use in Sports Along time ago when an athlete, of any age, had an incredible talent to play a sport, no one would have suspected that the person may be taking illegal chemicals to boost their performance.

Steroid use is beginning to become a common thing for professional athletes. With all the exaggerated claims in the media today it is easy to say that steroids are everywhere including the local and national news, capital hill and even presidential speeches.

Many of the athletes are not tested year-round, so many use steroids in the off-season to give them a boost over others Seattle Times.

Now, on the other hand, many people are beginning to raise an eye brow about the true talent of many athletes. First I would like to educate you on the use of steroids and how if used properly are not so bad, second I would like to dismiss all of the negativity spread throughout the media involving steroids and lastly I would like to discuss some of the people who gave steroids in sports a bad rap.Jul 01,  · Alright, I am giving a minute persuasive speech on steroid use.

I have chosen the side of pro- steroid. It is my job to persuade my public. [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Steroid Essays] Strong Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. The Use of Creatine in Sports - The Use of Creatine in Sports The first weeks of my senior season of football were the toughest times I had ever had in my life.

We had two practices a day. Essay on Steroids Use in Sports Along time ago when an athlete, of any age, had an incredible talent to play a sport, no one would have suspected that the person may be taking illegal chemicals to boost their performance. Steroids should be banned from sports because of the negative history in competitions, the health risks involved, and the disgrace it brings to many sports.

Before trying to prove that steroids serve no positive role in sport, it would be beneficial to outline the history of the drug used in sports. Essays Related to Steroids in Sports.

/5(10). Nov 17,  · Persuasive Essay Thesis Statement. Forums Essay, Paragraph, Dialog & other Composition Writing 35 if my brother who played baseball in high school would have used steroids to help his game he would have been kicked off the team. So why isn’t the same true for professional sports players?

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