Moda textile factory bishkek kyrgyzstan

Food, housing, education, and healthcare were practically free.

Textiles, Kyrgyzstan

New shops opened often and old small shops closed. In Sergei and Olga, both in their mids, lost their once securely held jobs at the electric bulb factory.

These loyal clients could convey him a batch of orders. When Olga took over as general manager, she knew that timely paychecks were a key incentive for increasing productivity. Although the Moda workshop paid rent in a timely fashion and in all respects was a model tenant, Olga had ongoing problems dealing with the landlord.

Recently the company had added some new customers, but they were also old personal friends. Clients brought required material and patterns at order time, but they only paid for the goods when they were delivered, never in advance.

What sort of people should Sergei and Olga look for as concern spouse to assist them to spread out their market outside Kyrgyzstan? When Sergei and Olga were only involved in the import business, they were afraid to cross the borders overland carrying goods even with the correct trade documents because custom officers commonly demanded bribes.

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If employees worked late or on weekends to finish an order, Olga brought in cakes or other treats. Olga began keeping records of employee birthdays and they celebrated them at the factory.

Al Maty, Kazakhstan was just two hours away; the border was 45 minutes away. The slowness continued through summer because of critical border problems involved in exporting. My grandfather in Russia was a merchant.

There were vendors in that retail space. One time Sergei tried to transport goods through Uzbekistan but the goods were almost confiscated by customs officers. The fabrics were generally synthetic, including polyester or acetate.

InSergei Ivanov and Olga Ivanova thought their entire life was planned out. Profit levels were low, business was unsteady, and the work climate in the shop was tense. People readily operated using U. They had many troubles in raising capital.

Wholesalers who had stalls at Dordoi sold their goods to retailers who come from Kazakhstan, Russia, and other parts of Kyrgyzstan. The organization The most productive chart appears in Exhibit 3. It has been, what, five years since the last time we saw each other? Sergei explained that the two principal technical sewing schools in town were not producing qualified seamstresses, designers, etc.

However, he did not have capital to produce a catalog or make the trip. Olga was the director of the department of technical documents which maintained all information on factory machines and equipment. What kind of people should Sergei and Olga look for as business partners to help them expand their market outside Kyrgyzstan?

They started selling clothes at an outdoor market in Bishkek. They had reliable jobs at the electric bulb factory that supplied the entire Soviet Union. Crossing the borders overland to transport goods was a major problem for all trade operations. Sergei explained that Moda was always short of cash and the business had grown slowly as a result.

I needed the money to feed my family. Olga and Sergei discussed their desire to improve working conditions by renovating the building. Many people were buying and selling household goods. He had known many of his clients for years. Over the past six months, he looked for other ways to establish contacts.

She successfully convinced the bank not to do this, but she worried that other problems might arise in the future to strain their relationship.

Olga soon left for her first buying trip to India. How should they find a partner they can trust? Nowadays, these large embroideries are being cut up and incorporated into other works, such as pillowcases, bags, and table settings. Finding spouses they can merely is non easy and takes a batch of clip.

When Sergei and Olga were only involved in the import business, they were afraid to cross the borders overland carrying the goods even with the correct trade documents because custom officers commonly demanded bribes.Secondly, Moda Textile provided customer high quality products.

They also had planned to make fashionable Italian imported cashmere coats. Different with other sewing workshops, Moda Textile want to develop their market not only in Kyrgyzstan but also in USA, Russia, and Europe.

Question description. read both attachment and answer each question with 2 sentence or so. 1- How can Sergei and Olga begin producing fashionable women’s cashmere coats in their factory?Is this feasible or should they give up this dream?

Moda Textile Factory had a good relationship with their clients. Sergei had worked with most of his clients for many old ages.

some of them were old friends of household. and besides friends he knew during purchasing trips to Turkey. Moda Textile Factory: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Moda Textile Factory: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Essay

1. How have Sergei and Olga’s lives change in Soviet days? Are their lives better? After the collapse of Soviet Union, Kyrgyzstan’s economics was slowdown since they was moving to market-based economy.

TEXTILE AND CLOTHING COMPANIES AND UNIVERSITIES – MISSION REPORT BISHKEK, KYRGYZSTAN, MAY manufacturing company “Textile Trans”, and knitting factory “Salkyn”. Some Tajik spinning companies MAYBISHKEK, KYRGYZSTAN # Name of participant. Textiles, Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz textiles feature mostly designs from nature, and materials that were easily found in the mountains and their surroundings.

Felt and wool are common materials, as are reeds and embroidery thread.

Moda textile factory bishkek kyrgyzstan
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