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You will see people of the past who did not remember history and therefore made the same mistakes as the people before them. Reformation was sweeping across Europe during the s transforming just about everything within society.

There were, however, negative consequences as well. Farms produced more food per acre, textiles were being produced very quickly and transportation was making huge strides Backman, Thus history gives us a truer understanding of the trend of events, and so makes us better citizens.

History as Chronicle of Facts: This knowledge of how societies function helps us run our own lives. Water powered devices began making their way into manufacturing, eventually being replaced by steam powered engines. You would be more aware about the world and much smarter if you learned about history.

Throughout history there have been both great successes and horrific failures. Access hundreds of thousands of answers with a free trial. Those questions and so many more are not going to be answered without history. History all puts life into perspective. Originally, the Industrial Revolution was seen as a very positive thing, leading to great technological advances, more job opportunities and advancements in areas such as food production and medicine Backman, Roads and waterways were needed to provide the framework for the Revolution.

For a knowledge to be considered historical, there has to be a at least, a slight truth about the situation that it is about. Laborers worked in increasingly harsh conditions. A third fundamental reason is that the study of history sharpens our mental faculties. There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

One of the main results was the abolition of the French monarchy. But the fact remains that we cannot escape from our past. Study of history equips us with wisdom in practical affairs. Meanwhile, the benefits of acquiring an historical knowledge whether credible or not, outweighs the damages of disregarding it.

And because no new day starts without yesterday shaping its existence, possessing historical knowledge allows us to better understand multiple timelines influencing current events, heightening our social consciousness.

In short we can be able to reconstruct the past through studying History The Reformation also brought about the rise of Protestantism and many people were divided between Catholicism and the Protestant Church.

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An effect of this was that the Catholic Church was forever fractured. The same goes for understanding other cultures, economic systems, and political structures. First, you identify the parallels between why the crashes occurred, the amount of people affected, and the effect on society and the economic system.

It was also realized that with products being made so quickly, the distribution of goods was becoming just as important.

Between the steep taxes imposed on the lower and middle class, his revoking of the Edict of Nantes and the Glorious Revolution in England inand him trying to flee his own country; Louis and the royal family played a major role in events leading to the French Revolution as well French Revolution Podcast.

Steam engines and large factories allowed for products to be created and moved at speeds that once could only be imagined Industrial Revolution Podcast. They were fighting to make sure that women could be treated as equal citizens of our country, including the right to vote, own property, or hold credit.

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As the saying goes "those who are unfamiliar with their history, are bound to repeat it". Learn history and you will see the patterns emerge.

Modern innovations such as the automobile are as a result of the study of history. The second reason is that history helps us understand our present and shapes our future.

The issue that might surround an historical knowledge, is its credibility. As we grapple with current events of political, cultural, and ethical importance, methodically studying human history helps us to develop our knowledge leading to informed solutions to problems.Importance Of History.

History is important in that it reveals all of the past.

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It is there for you to study and learn from so that the future can be improved upon. Why History is Important The Study of history is important because we learn from our mistakes, we share a common experience with people that binds us together, our minds store.

- Black history month is an observance in the United States that is celebrated in the month of February to remember all of the important African Americans in history. This observance is still celebrated annually and brings forth a debatable question such as is there still a need to celebrate black history month.

Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles, Kids On June 16, By Team Work Please find 10 lines on Mahatma Gandhi 1. Mahatma Gandhi was the most popular leader of.

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tetw Essays about Life Essays about Death Essays about Love Essays about Happiness Essays about Success. Japan's touchy relations with its neighbors make it more important than ever to strip away myths and unearth the origins of the Japanese.

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The Importance of History Essay; The Importance of History Essay. Words 4 Pages. What is history? Should we study history? It is a vital topic which should be relevant in our lives because it?s important to acknowledge past events that have occurred in our world that deeply influences the present.

This essay will discuss what history is.

Important essays on history and the
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