How to write a good facebook status update

Casual, overly familiar tone destroys sense of caring A status update is the last place to crack a joke, be flippant, or dismiss the seriousness of the incident. To start with, authoritative means honest. What they hear is more important than what you mean to say.

So there you have it Use these 5 templates by plugging in subjects that are relavent to your fans. What do you think? I wanted to bury my face in my hands, because I knew the ugly truth: I gave in and pointed the finger at them, and sure enough, it immediately made the problem worse.

Authoring those regular, one-sentence-long text bites, is a great way to keep customers and team members in the loop. London, New York or Paris?

The right thing to do was tweet back direct links to downloads, and an apology while I applied pressure on the vendor in private. And, of course, our free trial is free forever.

If you intend to spread your status updates over longer intervals, let users know in advance. So how do you go about writing status updates that send the right message to customers?

Writing a “Good” Facebook Status Update

People can get updates about the weather elsewhere; they follow your business to find out about upcoming products or services, sales and promotions. What is your primary tech stack? That they care enough to sit down and think things through. Use active words that convey a sense of engagement.

Status updates — especially in moments of potential crisis — are a key piece of your relationship with your customers. Simply shoot us a note to hi statuspage. But one post type that seems to always do well on Facebook is status updates.

This post was originally published on the Statuspage blog in An honest service update is, by definition, fearless. Above all it should never make customer pain abstract or potential.

Informative and clear, yet brief Frequent, yet not noisy Honest, without needlessly airing dirty laundry Some of these things are tough to achieve. Published on the 26th May, Click on the clock icon in the lower left corner of your page's status update form to schedule posts.

From here, you can write posts in advance and choose a time and date to automatically publish. Status Update #60 – LIVE Monday Feb. 10 7pm ESTFeatured, Video Zoom Out Zoom In By Jacob Bodnar pmFebruary 9, Status Update is back with Google’s sale of Motorola, Twitter’s first earnings call, and Facebook’s Paper app.

Unfortunately, although there’s a lot of guidance and examples on how to conduct and write good postmortems, there doesn’t seem to be much about service status update messages. I’d like to share what I’ve learned, as both a service provider and a customer, in the hopes that it helps you avoid some of the quicksand I’ve stepped into or.

4 tips for writing a good Facebook status update for your Facebook fan page that will succeed with Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm.

The Art of Writing Great Facebook Status Updates. by Neil Patel on February 21, you need to write great status updates. Here’s how you can do so: Your blog posts are Mecca for bloggers really inspiring and as usual learned some good tactics about how to update and what to update and when to update in facebook.

Reply. Neil Patel.

Good facebook statuses, quotes, messages and sayings

Write better Facebook Status Updates with these 5 Templates. by Josh Parkinson. Facebook. 0. Things are constantly changing on Facebook.

How to write a good status update

One month it’s photos that get the best reach and engagement. The next month it’s links.

How to Write Good Facebook Content for a Business

The next month it’s photos with links in the caption!

How to write a good facebook status update
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