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Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked "insufficient funds. The Declaration of Independence opened up a gateway for the creation of the United States of America, as it is known today.

The intelligent and wise leader realized that not all white people had the same set of mind.

Comparing Declaration of Independence to I Have a Dream Speech Essay Sample

It is the means by which the current plight of the colonies will be made known throughout the world. There is not currently equality.

In a global setting there are places that will never understand the meaning of racism and slavery. Both men are worthy to be emulated and their works stands as a reminder that whenever darkness threatens to overwhelm the earth, great men of courage, strength and wisdom will rise up to push the hordes of hell back.

King could go that route. Jefferson was instrumental in pushing the boat into the ocean of freedom but it was Martin Luther King, Jr. The speech is an appeal to change a way of life with regards to how the white man treated the Negroes.

I Have a Dream and the Gettysburg Address

The Signers of the Declaration of Independence. Martin Luther King Jr. For contrast, the purpose and audience of the two speeches is different.

Both King and Finch are powerful speakers. Chapter 20 Both men also acknowledge that things are not going well in the country.

He had prudent plans of ending the difference of rich and poor as well as of giving equal rights to everyone, and he also had a policy of maintaining peace in the world.

During his speech he also referred to American History and used metaphors and repetition to strengthen and enrich his famous speech. But Martin Luther King, Jr.

Finch notes that black men are automatically assumed guilty. Flora, Joseph M, Lucinda H. Louisiana State University Press, Both men are considered heavyweights in terms of accomplishment. Moreover, the details of the document pertains to all inhabitants of the colonies, including freemen, slaves, and even the immigrants who are still about to enter in Murrel, ,p.

Compare and Contrast Essay on Martin Luther Kings

If the Declaration of Independence created an identity for America and started it off to the right direction then Mr. A, and his wise and judicious plans showed that he was a patriotic, faithful, liberal and well educated person. The rhetoric produced by King in both pieces of literature appeals to the common audience in many ways.

Works Cited Ayim, Martin A. Both men were major characters in the Bible they were heroes who redefined the history of the nation of Israel. He states that the Civil War tested weather a nation with the standards and principals of the United States would make it.

Scope — extent of coverage, does the work cover all aspects of American life. Martin Luther King, Jr.Martin Luther King I Have a Dream Essay; "I HAVE A DREAM SPEECH CRITIQUE" This speech took place on August 28, millions of citizens, children, law and policy makers attended whilewatched on TV as a Baptist Preacher,a Boston University Graduate Dr, Martin Luther King stood behind a podium.

Compare and Contrast. Compare and Contrast of Martin Luther King I have a dream Speech and The Inaugural Address by John F. Kennedy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used symbolism and references during his famous "I have a dream" speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, (Reeves 82).

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I Have a Dream and the Gettysburg Address. Today I have chosen two speeches which are critical to the growth and development that our nation has gone through/5(1). On August 28th,Dr. Martin Luther King began a powerful and moving speech with the words, "I Have a Dream"; which spurred the commencement of a movement for equality and civil rights in the United States.3/5(4).

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Essay on i have a dream speech compare and contrast
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