English 1101

All work to fulfill requirements of this class must meet UNG standards of academic honesty. I encourage you to come talk to me if you are not sure how to become the kind of student you want to be.

English 1101: Composition I

You have to withdraw yourself through Banner Web before the midpoint. Disruptive behavior includes leaving class early and eating in the classroom. This might be a little scary for some of you, but technology skills are just as important as English 1101 skills!

This syllabus is subject to change to meet the needs of the course. These buttons will take you to portable versions of the Firefox and Chrome that you can put on a USB drive, or you can search for a full install version in Google.

We can speak privately in my office, or you can send me an email. Keep track of online resources you might use in your classes: Review the calendarlook over the website resources, reread assignment instructionswork on your writing.

Remember that English 1101 cannot withdraw from a class simply by not coming anymore. To minimize this type of stress in this class, we will enact the following policies: The Argumentative Essay Unit 5: Integrate appropriate information from outside sources in the appropriate style and form.

Always email to notify me about an absence. You can also use workshop time in class to ask me questions.

The official form of communication at UNG is email. Write for varied purposes informing, analyzing and arguing. If you come to class every day, turn in work on time, revise your writing, and follow assignment instructions, you should make at least a "B"!

You will need access to a working computer with reliable internet. Some assignments will be homework, and some will be done in the classroom.

The only exception is rough, revised, and final drafts of papers, which are awarded points for timely completion and revision effort only. We will use Google Drive to write and share papers: Follow a format and structure appropriate to the rhetorical situation.

Is writing a pointless chore?

It all depends on the kind of help you are seeking. This course is designed for everyone to make an "A" or "B," and this can happen if you strive to do your best. Sensitivity and respect in and out of class between you and me and between you and your classmates is important to me.

Talk English 1101 me before going to the Writing Center for help. In this course, you should strive to achieve the following goals: Penalty for committing these acts could range from a zero on the assignment to an "F" in the course.

Do not be intentionally base, insulting, or provocative. Writing a Research-based Argument Your final grade will be based on the following breakdown.

Plan writing in light of situation, audience and purpose. If you feel stressed or worried about a grade for any assignment or the overall course, I would be happy to talk with you about your concerns and options for moving your grade to where you would like it to be.

When you are absent, show me proof of excuse to avoid the penalty for late work. Resources on Google Drive I will share this with you Additional resources are available by clicking the tabs across the top and various links in the right-hand margin.Syllabus - Fall Description of Course English is English Composition I, a 3-credit hour course offered by the English Department in the College of Arts and Letters that fulfills one of two Area A "Communication Skills" requirements.

A composition course designed to develop writing skills beyond the levels of proficiency required by English Stresses critical reading and writing and incorporates a variety of more advanced research methods; readings will.

Course Descriptions. English Composition I - ENGL Description. A composition course focusing on skills required for effective writing in a variety of contexts, with emphasis on exposition, analysis, and argumentation.

The course includes an introductory use of a variety of research skills. A6 Size Hobonichi Techo Planner & Original. A compact daily planner with an unobtrusive, user-friendly layout, available both in English and Japanese.

ENGL 1101 & 1102 Textbook User Guide

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1 English Argument and Interpretation Keep this packet in your class folder and bring it to class every day Assignments and Readings Table of Contents.

English 1101
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