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Their 1-on-1 native tutor classes are affordable and make this Chinese app the best of both worlds. This is great for Chinese learners seeking to expand their vocabulary with more advanced phrases.

Members can also take courses and earn points to compete with friends. TCB also provide the audio recording of the article read by a native speaker which is a great way to improve your listening.

It is a very useful dictionary among other Chinese best chinese writing app with lots of add-on feature to support your Chinese learning journey. If this app could address that, it would be much more useful Great!

The 13 best apps to learn Chinese on your smartphone or tablet

The dictionary also has the animation of stroke order and even allows you to practice writing. But I mainly use it as a dictionary.

App info, Ratings, and Reviews of TutorMandarin TutorMandarin is a premium Chinese app which offers you a personalized learning platform with 1-on-1 native tutors. Unfortunately this tool does not work the other way around, as YouDao does not have an Chinese-to-English translation tool for sentences.

Skritter is a tool that you should consider using to improve your Chinese character writing. Jul 28, Iphone The free version is good.

It offers a free handwriting tool as well, which is a huge plus in our book. Another great feature which makes TBC stands out is its grammatical explanations. You can copy and paste any text you see online into the feature.

If you type a Chinese word, YouDao also includes the Chinese definition for that word, very similar to Dictionary. Another cool add-on feature Pleco has is the OCR optical character recognition feature.

Pleco is also endorsed by polyglot Benny Lewis, founder of the largest language blog, Fluent in 3 monthswho used it constantly during his trip to Taiwan. I hope this never goes away. The app will recognize characters via the camera and define them. Skritter will tell you how many wrongs you have last week and how much you improve this week.

So, these are my most favorite Chinese apps for learning Mandarin. This is an amazing tool. This feature is not free for iOS users, and costs some additional money as an add-on although iOS users can take advantage of the native handwriting input keyboard.

The best 5 Chinese apps for learning Chinese in 2017

And, even if they were good study materials, you still needed to find a native speaker who was good at teaching. You can learn Chinese characters from of famous textbook vocab list.

It is a very useful Chinese app in learning and memorizing new vocabulary. First, you had to find and purchase study materials. TutorMandarin is where I can learn all 4 skills with my private tutor Memrise focus on vocabulary memorizing Skritter help me improve writing of those vocabularies TCB enables me to read Chinese news to improve my reading and Pleco serves as a dictionary As you can see even though these 5 Chinese apps are not the same, all of them complement each other and make my Mandarin learning journey a lot easier.

After a couple hours, I feel comfortable handwriting characters, and they no longer seem random. Did we miss any apps?

The SRS software is designed to help you remember words by using visual and conceptual mnemonic rules. Jan 31, Hogtie go I have been using it on iPhone 5s and this app simply rocks.The best 5 Chinese apps for learning Mandarin in How technology makes it easier to learn Mandarin through Chinese App?

In the past, before the internet, learning a new language (especially Mandarin Chinese) was quite challenging for Chinese learners.

First. Jan 13,  · Features of Handwriting Functions: * Make input Chinese characters easy by enabling hand writing mode on the writing board * The handwriting now only supports traditional and simplified Chinese * Hand writing function automatically identifies both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese * High and fast recognition rate/5(K).

Apr 21,  · I have been studying Chinese for 16 years, and teaching it for more than five years. This is hands-down not only the best Chinese writing app that exists for iPhone, it's the best tool for learning to write Chinese characters in general.

The fact that you can create your own packs to study from makes it /5(14). This is an app for those of you looking to get serious about your Chinese writing.

It’s available for iOS, Android and desktop users. It’s available for iOS, Android and desktop users. Skritter also uses a spaced repetition algorithm. In my opinion at the moment the best apps for learning Chinese are Skritter, FluentU, The Chairman’s Bao, Memrise and Anki (they are both SRS based).

Additionally, Hanping, Pleco, Hello Talk and WeChat are apps that anyone aiming at learning Chinese should have. Discover the top best chinese handwriting apps for android free and paid.

Top android apps for chinese handwriting in AppCrawlr!

Best chinese writing app
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