A review of the story i am a fool

She whispered and said it was like she and I could get out of the boat and walk on the water, and it sounded foolish, but I knew what she meant. And maybe she would write me, down at Marietta that way, and the letter would come back, and stamped on the front of it by the U.

Consider more than one possibility, and ask yourself whether one is more convincing in the case at hand than the other[s]. Then just plunge into the story and see what happens. My grandfather was Welsh and over in the old country, in Wales he was—but never mind that.

Do you detect any differences in the way you feel towards the central character in the story than you did towards the "same" character in the film? Because Wilbur come back after he had bet the money, and after that he spent most of his time talking to that Miss Woodbury, and Lucy Wessen and I was left alone together like on a desert island.

Sometimes I hope I have cancer and die. I like a man to be a man and dressed up, but not to go put on that kind of airs. Is there any pattern to the kind of thing he boasts about?

I suppose it was their having such swell names that got me off my trolley. Try to arrange a quite time so that you can get all the way through in one sitting. Well, right in front of me, in the grandstand that day, there was a fellow with a couple of girls and they was about my age.

‘I’m A Fool’ by Sherwood Anderson

It was a hard jolt for me, one of the most bitterest I ever had to face. There was something else eating at me. So he never raced his horses hisself, and the story round the Ohio race tracks was that when one of his horses got ready to go to the races he turned him over to Bob French and pretended to his wife he was sold.

Craps amighty—a swell chance I got! At Sandusky, that afternoon I was at the fair, this young fellow with the two girls was fussed, being with the girls and losing his bet. Gee, I could have run after that train and made Dan Patch look like a freight train after a wreck but, socks amighty, what was the use?

But what do the various likely candidates have in common? During the summer before I had left my home town with Harry Whitehead and, with a nigger named Burt, had taken a job as swipe with one of the two horses Harry was campaigning through the fall race meets that year.

She had on a soft dress, kind of a blue stuff and it looked carelessly made, but was well sewed and made and everything. A swell chance I got. Do not read further until you have completed this initial reading of the story. I got the place with Harry and I liked Burt fine.

Gosh darn his eyes.

Ivan the Fool

The place we were setting in was dark, like I said, and there was the roots from that old stump sticking up like arms, and there was a watery smell, and the night was like—as if you could put your hand out and feel it—so warm and soft and dark and sweet like an orange.

I said my name was Walter Mathers from Marietta, Ohio, and then I told all three of them the smashingest lie you ever heard. I was glad I had those twenty-five cent cigars in my pocket and right away I give that fellow one and lit one myself. Wilbur Wessen and asked him, would he mind, after the first heat, to go down and place it on About Ben Ahem for whatever odds he could get.

I most cried and I most swore and I most jumped up and danced, I was so mad and happy and sad. What motives might he have for making sure the audience appreciates this fact if it is one?

I could have kicked myself right down out of that grand stand and all around that race track and made a faster record than most of the skates of horses they had there that year.

Does anything in his behavior in this regard strike us as excessive, embarrassing, neurotic? We went in the launch across the bay to the train like that, and it was dark, too.

And then, before Wilbur and Miss Woodbury got up to where we was, she put her face up and kissed me quick and put her head up against me and she was all quivering and—gee whizz.

What I did want to know was that my horse had the speed and could go out in front if you wanted him to. How are we to account for the answer to the previous question? I got a chance like a hay barn afire. Mathers had a lot of money and owned some coal mines or something and he had a swell place out in the country, and he was stuck on race horses, but was a Presbyterian or something, and I think more than likely his wife was one too, maybe a stiffer one than himself.

The Motley Fool

Is he a significantly older person than he was when the events he narrates took place?If I am tainted, then so are all of you." In this, the main event was given the prime focus than any of the film characters.

That's why the happy or the sad ending won't matter. But there was a character who was preferred the most for his involvement in the plot. Apr 05,  · I'm a Fool Not Rated | 38min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | TV Movie 5 April A young horse trainer woos a woman with his lies of importance and wealth/10().

Jan 13,  · In "Nobody's Fool," Newman plays another heavy drinker, the kind of feckless free spirit you occasionally meet: A man who has never grown up, who despite his carefree disregard for the ordinary requirements of society, remains somehow so charming and /5. Sherwood Anderson's "I'm a Fool" Allocate at least three separate readings to the story.

(Particular passages will repay additional re-readings.) You will need to print out this study guide to have it on hand while you work through the story. I am still flustered over a movie I just finished viewing on Netflix: Flashbacks of a Fool.

Anyway, I wasn't going to review this movie because it hit me hard. I am still trying to figure out 38%. Ivan the Fool Leo Tolstoy Russian Finished 20 March This story reminds me of the witty stories I used to read in my childhood.

Among the first stories I /5.

A review of the story i am a fool
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