A response paper on sonny blues a brother in need of help

He tells the story of his relationship with his younger brother, Sonny.

Sonny's Blues Summary

In the final third of the story, the narrator and Sonny come to an understanding that seems to reconcile them. As he prepares to teach his algebra class, the narrator remembers Sonny as a young boy.

As he paces back and forth, he sees a street-corner revival occurring outside his window and thinks about its significance. Sonny told his brother about his dream of becoming a jazz pianist, which the narrator dismissed.

This perception enables the narrator to accept his brother, the life he has chosen, and the risks he must incur. Music turned into the inspiration that led them to fulfill their dreams and been the worst the society could offer to become the best jazz music had to offer.

Although Sonny loved the music, the rest of family had a hard time bearing his constant practicing. Sonny answered him by saying that he wanted to a pianist. On the other hand we have our main character of the story, Sonny.

Sonny reluctantly agreed to do so. I liked how the timeline of the story was anything but linear; the first few pages were written in what seemed to be present tense, and then the flashback started.

Though he knows that ultimately heroin cannot work, he also knows that he may try it again. The truth came out in a very eloquent fashion; what the main character expected to find, the drug use, came true, however not the way he thought it would have.

Sonny’s Blues

These two characters were brought up on an avenue with so much raw emotion that it was a regular occurrence to find a group of people singing and playing their hearts out in the street.

She tells the narrator this story partly in order to illustrate that there is no safety from suffering in their world. The narrator cannot protect Sonny from the world any more than his father could protect his own brother. Even though he was raised by his parents they eventually died and he been kind of rebellious or affected by the situation he tried to flee out of his problems by using drugs, which caused him to eventually be to be put in prison.

Though suffering cannot be avoided, one can struggle against it, and one can support others in their struggles. This maybe was the best decision he ever made because of it is that Louis Armstrong is one if not the best jazz musician that ever lived.

He was twelve when he went to the reform school and was released at the age of fourteen. When Sonny gets out of jail, the narrator is there for him. After two days, Sonny joined the navy. After one especially difficult fight, Sonny told his brother that he could consider him dead from that point on.Sonny's Blues Reader Response Posted by edrago at AM.

Email and the fuzzy time frame when he went to war. Although they did help me picture the relationship the two had, I felt as though they could have been transitioned or explained in a different way.

I think that's why Sonny's brother had a hard time deciding whether he thought. Feb 17,  · In Sonny’s Blues, Sonny had to make a decision on whether or not he was going to pursue music as a long-term career. Response To Sonny’s Blues His brother wanted to help him because of his drug addictions and he did not believe in Sonny’s career in jazz music.

All the hatred and misery that surrounded them in. View Notes - response paper from ACC at Universidad Europea de Madrid. [] Name: Yi Chen Response to Sonnys Blues Sonny would stay off drugs because he had gained recognition of himself, from.

Sonnys blues - “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin relies on music to convey the theme of hardships for both Sonny and his older brother. Literature Response Paper "Sonny's Blues" illustrates a story of a brother in need of help. Through conquering a hostile environment and difficulties within his family, man often obtains a true sense of his identity.

Sonny’s response, which highlights just how much he needed to hear from his brother, makes the narrator feel “like a bastard” ().

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Sonny writes about his anguish and even admits that he is glad his parents aren’t still alive to see him in this condition.

A response paper on sonny blues a brother in need of help
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